Reflections and preparations…

The summer break always brings with it a sense of rest and renewal. One of the things I like to do over the summer is reflect on where I am in my teaching practice by asking myself some of the following questions:
What are some things I was successful at last year?
In what area(s) did I have the most growth? How did I implement changes successfully?
What do I think my students will take away from our learning together? What do I want them to remember?
In what areas do I still need to grow? How am I going to get my practice where I want it to be in these areas?

I am already thinking about changes I want to make come September and have started reading some new resources to help me prepare for my new learning. After teaching FDK in a shared space I will finally be teaching in my own classroom and am excited about the changes and opportunities this will provide.

What are some of the questions you are thinking about over the break?

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