The Curious Kindergarten is on Instagram!

I love blogging about the discoveries my students and make together in Kindergarten! However, as a busy mom of two young boys I don’t always get a chance to write about the happenings in my classroom (at least not as often as I would like!). 

Though I will still continue to blog about my classroom, I have recently created an Instagram account so that I can document the daily provocations, discoveries, and conversations my students and I experience together. If you are interested in following the daily activity in my classroom, feel free to join me on Instagram! 

One thought on “The Curious Kindergarten is on Instagram!

  1. Hello Alexis, My name is Deb Watters and I am co writing a book about Inquiry based learning in Kindergarten. I was wondering if we could use a selection from your blog from April 2014 where you have shared your ideas about reflection time. I would love to touch base with you about this and give you some more details about the book that we are writing.My email is I look forward to hearing from you Deb

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