The Curious Kindergarten is on Instagram!

I love blogging about the discoveries my students and make together in Kindergarten! However, as a busy mom of two young boys I don’t always get a chance to write about the happenings in my classroom (at least not as often as I would like!). 

Though I will still continue to blog about my classroom, I have recently created an Instagram account so that I can document the daily provocations, discoveries, and conversations my students and I experience together. If you are interested in following the daily activity in my classroom, feel free to join me on Instagram! 

1 thought on “The Curious Kindergarten is on Instagram!

  1. Hello Alexis, My name is Deb Watters and I am co writing a book about Inquiry based learning in Kindergarten. I was wondering if we could use a selection from your blog from April 2014 where you have shared your ideas about reflection time. I would love to touch base with you about this and give you some more details about the book that we are writing.My email is I look forward to hearing from you Deb

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